Table of Contents

1. Conventions Used in This Manual
<parameter name>
[<optional parameter>]
<previous specification>...
{<alternative-1> | <alternative-2> | ...}
2. PSORT Command Reference
2.1. Global Options
-rt [<maximum record size>]
-rf <fixed record size>
-rv [<range> [<maximum size>]
-in <input file>...
-out <output file>
-w [<dir>]
-t [<range> ...]
-b <range>...
-m <memory size>
-l <allocation size>
-bs <buffer size>
-ibs <buffer size>
-obs <buffer size>
-wb <buffer size>
-rb <buffer size>
2.2. Key Fields
-b <range>...
-f <range>...
-c <range>...
2.3. Key Collating Sequences
-k [ [ [-r] <range>] ...]
-n [ [-r] <range> ]...[-d <decimals>] ]
-s [ [ [-r] <range>]... ]
Nested Keys
Default Key
2.4. Notes on -b and -t switches
2.5. Inverted Sorting Sequence
2.6. Command Files and Macros
-#include <filename>
-#define <macro name> <commands>... -#end
2.7. Field Nesting
2.8. Syntax Summary
3. Tips to Minimize Sorting Time
4. Using the 32 bit Extended Version
4.1. Software
4.2. Disk Caching
4.3. Expanded Memory
5. Calling PSORT from Another Program
5.1. Building A Custom Sorting Utility
5.2. Larger Programs
5.3. Reducing memory requirements
Program License
Limited Warranty