Postman's Sort Sales

By now you have installed and tested 15 day trial package. In order to convert you trial package functioning licensed package, you should:
  1. Create a DOS box from the Start Menu.
  2. With the CD command, change your current directory to the one where your version(s) of Psort that you want to register are located.
  3. Create a registration file by executing the command:
    register -makefile >rfile.txt
    This will generate a text file called rfile.txt. This is the file whose path name is requested below.
  4. Fill in and submit this form.
Within 24 hours you should recieve a response that includes instructions on how to enable the trial package on a permanent basis.
Company Name
Zip/Postal Code
Email Address
Phone Number
Registration file path name

License Type:
One Machine
Site License
Distribution License
License Term:
Two Years
Psort Version
Windows 3.1
Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP

Postman's Sort Price List

License Type Single Machine Site License Distribution
two years two years no time limit per year
DOS N/A $149 $449 $999
Win 3.1 N/A $149 $449 $999
Win/95/98/NT/2K/XP $49 $149 $449 $999
OS/2 N/A $149 $449 $999
Unix N/A $149 $449 $999