Table of Contents

1. Conventions Used in This Manual
<parameter name>
[<optional parameter>]
<previous specification>...
{<alternative-1> | <alternative-2> | ...}
2. PSORT Command Reference
2.1. Global Options
-rt [<maximum record size>]
-rf <fixed record size>
-rv [<range> [<maximum size>]
-in <input file>...
-out <output file>
-w [<dir>]
-t [<range> ...]
-b <range>...
-m <memory size>
-l <allocation size>
-bs <buffer size>
-ibs <buffer size>
-obs <buffer size>
-wb <buffer size>
-rb <buffer size>
2.2. Key Fields
-b <range>...
-f <range>...
-c <range>...
2.3. Key Collating Sequences
-k [ [ [-r] <range>] ...]
-n [ [-r] <range> ]...[-d <decimals>] ]
-s [ [ [-r] <range>]... ]
Nested Keys
Default Key
2.4. Notes on -b and -t switches
2.5. Inverted Sorting Sequence
2.6. Command Files and Macros
-#include <filename>
-#define <macro name> <commands>... -#end
2.7. Field Nesting
2.8. Syntax Summary
3. Tips to Minimize Sorting Time
4. Calling PSORT from Another Program
4.1. Building A Custom Sorting Utility
4.2. Larger Programs
4.3. Reducing memory requirements
Program License
Limited Warranty